Windows 10 Build 10061

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Build 10061

Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Preview Build 10061 was Released on 22 April 2015 via FBL Impressive Branch.

Improvement in Start

  • Some new icons added
  • The resizable start menu is back
  • On top of the all apps list, Recently installed will be displayed
  • The Power button is moved above the All apps button
  • Cortana can look for music
  • Start now shows the apps that are being installed
  • Transparency can be disable-enable

“Major Updates in Project Spartan”

  • Project Spartan updated from version 0.10 to 0.11
  • Now can find downloads in the download manager
  • Open Internet Explorer from within Spartan
  • Save PDFs in the browser
  • Spartan now has an about: flags page. That with new options compared to Internet Explorer
  • Other many improvements (also for Internet Explorer)

New to Desktop in Build 10061

  1. The taskbar is transparent
  2. New icon for TaskView button
  3. Some icons update
  4. The taskbar is dark by default
  5. can enable and disable the color of the taskbar.
  6. The color of start menu can be enabled and disabled.
  7. New calendar fly-out
  8. The notification center now colored
  • Apps no longer restricted to the minimum size

List of Apps updated and newly added

  1. Settings
  2. Weather
  3. Sports
  4. Money
  5. People
  6. News
  7. Microsoft Solitaire Collection Preview
  8. Microsoft Family
  9. Music Preview
  10. Video Preview
  11. Outlook
  12. Outlook Calendar

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