Windows 10 Build 10122

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Build 10122

 Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10122 was Released on 20 May 2015 via FBL Impressive Branch.

Changes in Start

  • The “Expand start” button removed
  • “jump lists” Enable
  • “Places” removed
  • In Tablet Mode, the apps list is no longer Available on screen by default
  • Tablet Mode: Tiles displayed larger
  • Some tiles and Cortana will follow the selected color
  • Tablet Mode: There is now a back button in the taskbar
  • File Explorer and Settings shown above Power options
  • Enable suggestion for new apps
  • Can click on a letter to show all letters and navigate faster

New, Changes and Removed Features in Build 10122

  1. Backup & restore has been Readable from Windows 7
  2. Apps will display the back-button in the title bar
  3. Switch-buttons and sliders received a UI
  4. Window border chrome updated
  5. The installation has only 3 steps instead of 4
  6. China users can now choose between Cortana and Huna
  7. Cortana: Add the Feedback button
  8. Cortana: Add dark theme
  9. Windows Hello: login in with face recognition
  10. Cortana: She shows a smaller box when using the “Hey Cortana”
  11. Windows Hello: login in with fingerprints
  12. Windows Hello: login in with eye scan

Build 10122

Apps Updates and Apps Removed

  1. Project Spartan browser (big Update)
  2. Music Preview added
  3. Video Preview added
  4. Settings Updated
  5. All MSN apps Updated
  6. Insider Hub Updated
  7. 3D Builder added
  8. Windows Reading List removed
  9. Music is removed
  10. Video is removed

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Source; Windows Blog

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