Windows 10 Build 10158

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Build 10158

Windows 10 Update 

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 Was Released on 29 June 2015 via FBL Impressive Branch.

Changes in Start

  • Selected color could utilize in respective many apps tile
  • The full screen start menu now shows the power and all apps button at the bottom
  • New boot animations for apps
  • Most WinRT tiles can now take the large tile size (including Edge, Calculator, etc)
  • Actual indicating icons would have taken placed smiles for additional icons which have above power
  • Start allows more tiles as it convertible into full screen and aligned higher
  • You can now swipe up on the left side of start to show all apps

 New added, removed and fixed in Build 10158

  • The window title bar of Win32 apps and modern apps are same
  • The clock, language, and other notification-fly-outs updated with a transparent background
  • More apps have a tile-less icon on the taskbar
  • Multiple icons have been renewed
  • All Win32 controls were given a redesign
  • The taskbar animations for loading, needs attention updated
  • The updated installation experience with more apps 
  • New default wallpapers
  • Properties windows received a visual update
  • Fixes has made as icons no longer disappear behind the Task View, in tablet mode, Search and Back button when app icons are shown
  • Action center: New quick settings for Notes and Quiet hours
  • Windows Spotlight: Start will no longer show suggested apps
  • The Windows Spotlight lock screen removed
  • Cortana: has a refined UI
  • Cortana: Additional features added
  • snapping tool got a timer
  • Cortana: supports Office 365 integration
  • Cortana: sometimes “talk” to you through the search box

Project Spartan Updates

  • Project Spartan updated from version 15 to 20
  • Improved ECMAScript 6 support (without flags)
  • Project Spartan is now Known as Microsoft Edge
  • You can now change the search provider
  • New share icon on the URL bar
  • Added dark theme for Edge
  • Edge has new icons
  • The feedback icon removed
  • When closing Edge with 2 or more tabs open, it will now warn you
  • You can now show a home button
  • Ability to drag and drop tabs between multiple windows

Changes in Apps

  • New “Get Office” app
  • New “Phone companion” app
  • Store Update
  • New “Microsoft Wi-Fi” app
  • Multiple apps updated to more recent versions
  • Photos Update
  • Insider Hub Update
  • Settings have Many Updates
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