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Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257 was the Seventeenth Build of Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. It was Released on 2 Aug 2017, via “RS3” (RedStone3) Development Branch.

Eye Control (beta)

Eye Control makes Windows 10 more accessible by empowering people with disabilities to operate an on-screen mouse, keyboard. Moreover, text-to-speech experience using only their eyes. The experience requires a compatible eye tracker. Like the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, which unlocks access to the Windows operating system. That to be able to do the tasks one could previously accomplish with a physical mouse and keyboard. Microsoft is starting by supporting the EN-US keyboard layout. In the future, they are looking to expand to more keyboard layouts.

 When you turn on Eye Control, the launchpad will appear on the screen. This allows you to access the mouse, keyboard, text-to-speech. Also, to reposition the UI to the opposite side of the screen.


To interact with the UI for Eye Control, simply look at the UI with your eyes until the button activates. A visual affordance will appear around the UI that you are looking at.

To control the mouse, select the mouse from the launchpad, position your eyes on the screen where you want the cursor to be placed. Then fine-tune the position, and select what action you want to take (left click, double left click, right click, or cancel).

Build 16257 newey2

To use the keyboard, select the keyboard from the launchpad, and dwell at the characters you want to type. You can type numbers and symbols on the &123 page and function keys on the Fn page. Microsoft currently supports the EN-US keyboard layout.

Build 16257 blink

Type faster with your eyes by shape-writing on the Eye Control keyboard. To use shape writing, turn it on from the keyboard settings (found on the Fn page). Once it is on, you can form words by dwelling on the first and last character of the word. And simply glancing at letters in between.  A hint of the word predicted will appear on the last key of the word. If the prediction was incorrect, you can simply select an alternative prediction provided.

Build 16257 ges

Communicate with your family and friends in person by using text-to-speech. To use text-to-speech, select text-to-speech from the launchpad. you can type by making use of keyboard to type sentences and have it spoken aloud. At the top are phrases that are spoken aloud immediately and can be edited to say different words. This uses the default text-to-speech voices, which can be changed in Settings > Time & Language > Speech > Text-to-speech.

Build 16257 spa

Access settings from the Fn keyboard page to adjust the dwell times, turn on/off shape-writing, and turn on/off the gaze cursor used to test hardware calibration.

Build 16257 ey

Currently, Eye Control works with select Tobii hardware. They are compatible with hardware that provided by various vendors, so it provides more option of Hardware support option enabled.  

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Build 16257 new3
  • They are giving Microsoft Edge a refreshed and more modern look in the browser frame, inspired by the Fluent Design System. The use of Acrylic material provides depth and transparency to the tab bar and other controls. Also, they have improved button animations to feel more responsive and delightful.
  • Based on your feedback they have adjusted the design of the address bar. So now even if the address bar isn’t in focus to start with when you click and drag. The text will remain under the cursor. Previously the text would shift as the “http://” appeared – this change will make it easier to quickly edit parts of the URL.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on an image in Microsoft Edge and selecting copy then later pasting the clipboard content would result in the image URL being paste rather than the image itself.
  • Fixed an issue where if a tab had opened while Microsoft Edge was in full screen mode, using Ctrl + W to close that tab while still in full screen mode would close the content but leave the tab in the frame.
  • An issue Fixed where if you had two unrelated tabs in Microsoft Edge and opened a link from the first in a new tab, the new tab would appear to the right of the second tab rather than the first. 

Console Improvements

The default color values have changed to improve legibility of darker colors on modern screens, and to give the Console a more modern look & feel.

Build 16257 sch

Input Improvements

  • Improved the performance of launching the touch keyboard after tapping the touch keyboard button in the taskbar.
  • Fixed an issue where using WIN+H to dictate into a UWP app’s text field wasn’t working.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the Japanese IME prediction candidates position being shift and overlapping with typed text if you set the page zoom level to something other than “100%” in Microsoft Edge.
  • Adjusted the design of the Japanese curve-flick touch keyboard to display numbers and English letter keys in a smaller font that’s more consistent with the size of the Japanese character keys. 

Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) Improvements in Build 16257

  • Added new status strings to the WDAG splash dialog to provide more information about the startup stages for WDAG. These new strings will be shown to users when WDAG is starting up and when it’s being resumed from a paused state.
  • Also made significant improvements to container launch times by optimizing background preparation of the WDAG container.
  • Fixed a number of issues that were impacting networking inside the WDAG container as well as a poor user experience when connecting to the WDAG container.
  • Fixed an issue where the WDAG launch surely resulted in Error Codes 0x02 / 0x00 or 0x02 / 0c.
  • An issue Fixed where only part of the WDAG window was being displayed after launch.

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